How long will it take to find a nanny?
It will take anywhere from 2-8 weeks from the time of registration to hire date. It depends on each family. We have been known to place nannies within 2 days but this is not always the case. We do offer Temporary Nannies if you need immediate childcare while we are searching for your nanny.
Am I responsible for paying the nanny or does the agency pay them?
Yes, you are responsible for paying the nanny. Superior Nannies llc simply represents our nannies. However we are happy to advise you the hourly rate to pay the nanny and can recommend a company to use to help with taking out taxes and payroll.

Are we responsible for paying taxes?
If you pay your nanny more than $2,600 annually you are required by law to pay taxes on your nanny. They are considered a household employee and as their employer you are required to pay half of their medicare, social security, and unemployment taxes.

How do I take taxes out for my nanny?
We recommend  GTM Payroll Services Inc. which simplifies nanny tax compliance, offering family-friendly payroll and tax only solutions. Call  Patrick DiFiore at 518-836-2458 AND IF YOU MENTION SUPERIOR NANNIES LLC THEY WILL GIVE YOU A FREE CONSULTATION.Tell them SUPERIOR NANNIES LLC referred you and receive a complimentary account set up ($100 value).
We also have a few other nanny tax agencies we work with.
Contact Jennifer for more details.

What are the expected duties and responsibilities of our nanny?
he nannies first responsibility is the safety and care of the children. Many families have the nannies help with additional light household duties such as the children's laundry, dishes, running errands, and some grocery shopping.

What is the difference between a household manager and a nanny?
A nanny mainly cares for the children with some light household duties. A household manager takes care of the children as well as helps the house run smoothly. A household manager can keep the lawn care staff, pool staff and any other household related staff organized as well as schedule the families appointments, plans meals and does all of the grocery shopping as well as shopping for the children.

Where does Superior Nannies llc find their nannies?
A lot of our nannies are referred from other nannies that have worked with Superior Nannies.
From nannies searching for nanny jobs on the website.
The local community.
Adds on google.

What is your guarantee policy?
We will give you a free replacement nanny within the first 90 days of hire as long as you provide a signed contract between the family and the nanny.
If you need a new nanny 90-181 days after original nanny is hired you will receive a prorated credit  of 50% toward your next search, and if  it is 181-365 you will receive  a 25% credit toward your new nanny search with Superior Nannies llc. We do hope you are happy with your first nanny however that is not always the case and we feel you should not have to pay the full placement fee again.

What to consider if traveling with your nanny?
What to consider when traveling with your nanny?

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