I, or We, on behalf of myself and/or ourselves and my or our child/children (collectively called Client), the undersigned (whether one parent or two), agree that Superior Nannies llc sole service is to refer nanny candidates to Client. Client will select amongst candidates presented by Superior Nannies,llc and Client will make the sole hiring decision.
Upon learning the needs of your family, Superior Nannies llc will refer Client a nanny who has been interviewed by Superior Nannies llc and have at least two references checked and two years of childcare experience verified by Superior Nannies, llc. In addition, all temporary nannies have had a professional investigative service conduct the following: Criminal Background Search going back 7 years, Motor Vehicle Driving Records, Social Security Number Verification, and National Sex Offender Search. Superior Nannies, llc cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information.
Superior Nannies, llc is a referral agency only; it is not an employer, co-employer, nor independent contractor and assumes no liability or responsibility for the performance of the nanny. Therefore, Client unconditionally releases Superior Nannies, llc and its employees, recruiters, agents, officers, and directors and agrees that Superior Nannies, llc shall not be liable for any personal property damage, injury, loss, delay or expense of any sort incurred by the Client in connection with their selecting and hiring a nanny referred by Superior Nannies, llc, including without limitation acts of God, acts of war or government restriction, as well as events directly or indirectly caused by any intentional or negligent acts or omission by any nanny the Client hires. Client further agrees that if they directly or indirectly cause or contribute to any personal or property damage, injury, loss or expense incurred by their employed nanny while in employment of the Client, than Client will indemnify and hold Superior Nannies, llc and its employees, recruiters, agents, officers, and directors harmless for any resulting liability or expense, including court costs and legal fees incurred in defending against the employed or former employed nanny’s claim.
Clients with Superior Nannies, llc will pay a temporary services for the fee of $18 per day (minimum of three hours a day). Temporary fees for each overnight are $35 per overnight for a 24 hours period. Temporary fees for less than 24 hours notice are $25 per day, and hotel or special events are $25 per day. Holiday rates for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving shall be $25 per weekday, evenings and weekends, and $30 for less than 24 hours notice. Client shall NOT BOOK a temporary nanny directly. Client MUST call Superior Nannies, llc to book the temporary nanny or babysitter. All fees are to be paid directly to Superior Nannies, llc. A temporary nanny, once hired to render temporary nanny services, shall be compensated directly by the Client. If Client cancels service there is a cancellation fee due to Superior Nannies, llc. The cancellation fee will correspond to the original service fee. If cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time, Client will also be responsible for paying nanny for 3 hours of agreed hourly amount. There will be a 5% handling fee when a credit card is used.
If Client does not pay nanny directly, this amount will be charged on Client’s credit card plus a 5% service fee and Superior Nannies, llc will reimburse nanny. Temporary services shall be rendered by Superior Nannies, llc based on candidate availability and interest. Superior Nannies, llc does not guarantee temporary services will always be available but can almost always provide you with your child care needs.
Salary for temporary nannies shall vary in range. Most temporary nannies seek between $15-­-$20 per hour. Please note that this rate may vary per nanny and will be subject to increase during holidays. If a temporary nanny is hired by the family as a part time nanny the fee will be $1,200 or $1500 for a full time nanny. ALL REFERRAL FEES are due at time of placement. For your convenience, if the referral fee(s) is/are not received by due date, Superior Nannies, llc shall charge the referral fee on your credit card. The signing of this agreement specifically authorizes Superior Nannies, llc to charge the temporary fee to your credit card if not paid via check. Superior Nannies, llc does not refund fees or credits under any circumstances. The Client agrees to keep in confidence the identity of all nannies referred by Superior Nannies, llc and the contents of any files or documents forwarded for Client’s review. If the Client discloses information about a nanny to a third party, who acting on that information subsequently employs the nanny, the Client undertakes to pay Superior Nannies, llc. the referral fee that would have been payable for that nanny. Client further understands that in the event Superior Nannies, llc must seek collections of the above described fee or any portion thereof, Client shall be responsible for all costs of such collections, including any court costs, all reasonable attorney fees and interest of 5% per month until paid.
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