Balanced Begininngs doulas 
  Balanced Beginnings Doulas support families through a variety of births - natural, medicated, cesarean, and VBAC - and work with a range of baby temperaments, preemies and multiples. As birth doulas, we help educate and empower a woman with knowledge, confidence, and trust to prepare her for the experience of childbirth.

Birth Center
Birth Injury Center is a free online resource center for families who have been affected by or want to learn more about birth injuries. They offer free educational guides and can also offer guidance and support if contacted.

Music Together (R) with Jane Smolens/Mountain Song Music Studio, Inc.  
Highly recommended music classes for BABIES, TODDLERS, PRESCHOOLERS/ELEMENTARY YEARS.

GTM Payroll Services Inc.
“Properly paying your nanny and tax responsibilities is a crucial part of being an employer, and we recommend utilizing GTM Payroll Services. GTM is a premier payroll agency and know all the ins and outs of paying household employees properly.
GTM’s Household Employment Expert, Patrick DiFiore, is happy to provide consultation and answer any questions you have about payroll, taxes, and employer responsibilities.” you can contact him here
Be sure to tell him Superior Nannies LLc sent you so that you can receive the consultation free of charge.

HomeWork Solutions simplifies nanny tax compliance, offering family-friendly payroll and tax only solutions. Call 800.626.4829 for a free consultation. If you tell them you are working with Superior Nannies llc they will waive the registration fee.
Nanny Payroll and Tax Services by HomeWork Solutions Inc.>

Are you looking for help with nutrition, feeding your family, or establishing healthy habits that stick?
Julie is the co-founder of the Conscious Cleanse and offers 1:1 nutrition coaching to individuals. Jules has more than 15 years experience in holistic health, wellness, and detox.
 I have dealt with a lot of food allergies (so has my daughter) over the years and Jules has been a tremendous resource for our family. Schedule a free discovery call with Jules to learn more
Birth center
  PHONE 303.725.5440