Start Date: ASAP no later than August 1
Location: Erie
Fun, loving, family-minded parents are looking for a nurturing, reliable, energetic nanny to care for their 17 month old son. Hours will range from 40–45 hours per week, 8/9am-5/6pm Monday through Friday, although some flexibility may be possible depending on the nanny’s constraints. They would love a nanny that is open to additional date night or weekend hours, but this is not a must.
  Mom and Dad are professors at CU and are currently working from home; however once school resumes they will likely be working from home part-time and would work with the nanny to establish healthy boundaries. A nanny that is comfortable with parents working from home is a must. They would like a nanny that wants to be a team player in raising their smart and energetic son.
  They are looking for a kind-hearted, dependable nanny that will be able to fully focus on their son and come up with fun and educational activities. An ideal nanny would enjoy reading to him, playing with him, and taking him to the park, library, and on regular outings. The nanny will first and foremost be caring for their son and picking up after him throughout the day. If a nanny is open to helping with the child’s laundry, that would be amazing.
   This welcoming family is laid back and family-oriented and is looking for a nanny that is as well. They have had their son in day care and are looking to create a more attentive and stimulating environment.
  They are offering a generous salary with guaranteed hours, vacation, sick, and holiday pay. They are open to discussing a stipend toward insurance as well for the right nanny.
  They would like to find a nanny ASAP but are flexible to wait for the right nanny. They do however need a nanny to start at the latest by the beginning to middle of August.
 They would love to find a nanny that can become a part of the family, is comfortable with regular communication, and can commit to at least a year and possibly longer

START DATE: JULY 6th or after
LOCATION: Boulder (Spanish Hills neighborhood)

   Energetic, creative, nurturing, professional nanny is needed for 2 fun, energetic children ages 3 years and 1 year old Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
  A nanny that is very responsible and professional but who can hold her boundaries with the children while being nurturing would be a great fit for this family. Their 3 year old has a big personality and loves to play while his younger sister is an explorer and comedian. They would love a nanny that can engage with both children and come up with fun activities throughout the day.
  Both parents do work from home but have a large house in Spanish Hills. They live on an acre of land and have a lot of outdoors to explore on their land and in their neighborhood. They do not want the nanny to drive the children places but would love the nanny to go on walks to the playground and any other adventures by foot.
   The nanny’s responsibilities would be to pick up the children’s messes throughout the day, help with the children’s laundry and dishes but most importantly to give their 2 children the best professional care and love. This wonderful family is offering a great salary with paid holidays, vacation and sick days.
  They are very cautious about COVID and are searching for a nanny that is as well. They are currently doing face time interviews and can set up an in person interview soon after the face time.
   This family is looking for a very long-term nanny to become a part of their family.

Location: Denver (Rino Art district)
Start Date: ASAP

Fun, outdoorsy, easy-going family is looking for a professional, reliable, self-staring nanny to care for their 3 year old son and baby due in June. This family resides in Denver but will be living in Boulder for a few months until their new bundle of joy arrives in early June. Once the baby is born they will move back to their home in the Rino neighborhood in Denver. They are hoping to find a nanny that can work for them in both places.
  This family would like to hire a nanny ASAP so that their toddler can get comfortable with her before the new baby arrives. The schedule will be Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. However; a nanny that is flexible with this schedule is a MUST as sometimes they may need the nanny from 12pm-8pm. They will guarantee the nanny 40 hours a week but would ideally like a nanny that has some flexibility. This family is also looking for a nanny that is willing to travel with them on occasion.
  The nanny will mostly be responsible for caring for the infant since their 3 year old goes to preschool daily from 8:30-3:30. He currently is not in school due to Covid-19 but once school resumes he will be attending again. A nanny that is flexible with this would be ideal. This family is looking for a nanny that can will focus on the baby’s growth and development. A nanny that can come to work each day with fun and creative activities would be the best fit. They parent with choice-driven, consistency, are a screen-free home, eat healthy food and teach in a Montessori method. They would love a nanny that will focus on the children while awake and that can look around and see what needs to be done and do it while the children are napping. The nanny will be required to do some grocery shopping, laundry, help walk the dog, prepare meals, and light housekeeping. They are looking for a nanny that can commit to a minimum of two years.
  This family is offering a salary- based pay, 2 weeks PTO, paid holidays and the joy of working with their 2 beautiful children.
  Please apply if you feel you fit this family’s needs.

$18-$20+ Reliable, Confident, Experienced Nanny That loves to be outdoors
Location: Superior
Start Date: ASAP

This returning fabulous family is looking for a fun, confident, reliable nanny to care for their 2 children ages 4 and 9 years old ASAP. They need nanny that loves to be outdoors, go for bike rides, comes up with creative outdoor fun, loves doing arts and crafts and that can help with the developmental stages both children are at.
A nanny with a background in early childhood education would be wonderful fit if their 4 year old ends up not returning to school in the fall. This is not a requirement but an added bonus.
They  are in need  of a nanny Monday-Friday from 12pm-8pm but can  also be flexible for a schedule of 10am-6pm if this works better for the nanny.
The hours may shift a little in the fall depending on Covid and if/when the kids return to school.
If the children do go back to school in the Fall they could still use a nanny full time or for close to full time with the nanny doing more household manager duties. The hours could also be from  3pm-8pm if the nanny would like?
 They would ideally like a nanny that is open to some date nights and weekends as well, however this is not a requirement.
A nanny that is comfortable with parents working from home is a must as both parents do work from home now.
They are looking for a nanny to become part of the family and a team player.
This professional family is offering an hourly rate of $18-$20+ /hr. based on the nanny’s experience with toddlers and experience as a nanny.  They are offering paid holidays as well.
They would love a long-term nanny for a year or more.

                                PART-TIME NANNY JOBS

$20-$27 / Hr. Adventurous, Nurturing, Infant and Toddler Experienced Nanny
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Central Boulder

Busy family is in need of a professional nanny, that has a lot of experience with infants and toddlers at the same time.
They are looking for a professional nanny to care for their sweet 2.5 year old and fun 9 month old for 20-30 hours a week. They are open to schedule and are just wanting to find the right nanny. They ideally are looking for a nanny for 20-30 hours a week but could give the nanny more hours for the right nanny. This family is open to a nanny 3 days a week for 8 hours a day or 5 mornings a week.
  They would like someone who will enjoy going out on adventures and nurturing their kids, reading, singing, playing and being a comforting, caring caretaker for their children. A nanny that is very energetic, enthusiastic, loving and affectionate is a must. If the nanny speaks Spanish or Portuguese this is a BIG BONUS!
  The nanny will be required to help with light housework, tidying up after the children, dishes, laundry and helping let their dog outside. A nanny who is comfortable with parents working from home is a must and also who is taking Covid and social distancing very serious.
This generous family is offering guaranteed hours and paid holiday. The salary will be based on nanny’s experience. This family will be taking taxes out of the nanny’s pay.
If you have more than 2 years of experience providing childcare for an infant and toddler at the same time then please apply for this job under the for nannies tab.

 $17-$20/hr.  Proactive, Flexible, Outdoorsy Nanny needed
Start date: June 1st
Location: Lafayette

Mom and dad are searching for a proactive, self- starting nanny to care for their 4 year old and 6 year old girls. They are looking for a nanny for the summer for 30-35 hours with the flexibility on hours starting this fall. The fall is unknown yet due to Covid and if the children will be returning to school full time, part time or not at all. This fall, mom definitely needs a nanny, for approximately 20-25 hours, and if school has some level of at home learning, the need would expand to dad's house as well, likely to a total of 30-35 hours between the two homes. A nanny that has flexibility with this is a bonus.
  Mom and dad are divorced; they both live in Lafayette about 3 miles apart. They are looking for a nanny that can work Monday-Friday from approximately 8:30-4:30/5 at both parents home. Both parents are currently working from home due to Covid, but Dad will likely continue working from home most of the time; a nanny should be comfortable with this arrangement. The family can determine guaranteed hours for each week. The children are on a rotating 2-2-3 parenting schedule (and parents can give visibility at least a month out).
They are looking for a nanny that can help out with light household duties, however the children will be the nanny’s main focus. The girls love to play barbies, do arts and crafts, ride their bikes and play outside.
 A nanny that can adapt and communicate with both parents, be a self- starter, that practices social distancing and that is very aware of the safer at home restrictions is a must.
Their younger daughter has a rare genetic condition where she can overheat in extreme heat. They need a nanny that is aware and conscious of this and will be prepared when they go outdoors in the summer heat. Mom & Dad will leave a list of what is needed when they go on outings. A nanny that is comfortable with communicating and taking charge would be a great fit.
This family will guarantee hours, and give the nanny paid holidays as well as pay for the nanny’s gas miles when driving the children places.


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