Location: Denver 

Start Date: Oct 23

 Professional parents are seeking a proactive, kind and organized nanny/household manager Monday-Friday from 10:00am-5:00pm. 

They have a very happy and active 16-month-old son who loves the outdoors, running and playing. 

  This family is looking for a nanny to do household manager duties in the mornings while their little guy is in preschool until 12:30 every day. They need a nanny who can be a self-starter, organized, proactive and see things that need to be done around the home. The nanny will do household manager duties from 10:00-12:00 such as grocery shopping, laundry, snack and family dinner preparation, organizational projects, errands, before picking up their son at 12:30 from preschool. Their son does take a long nap daily, so the nanny will handle household manager duties during this time as well. 

     They would love a nanny who will take their son on fun outings like to the zoo, museum, or library, as well as do engaging activities at home like arts and crafts, sensory activities, and other creative play. If the nanny has some background with Reggio Emilia or Montessori that is a bonus. Nanny must be child CPR certified, have a driver’s license and good driving record, as well as pass a background check. 

    Mom and dad both work from their home office, therefore a nanny that is comfortable with this is a must. They do, however, have their own office and are very respectful of the nanny’s space while caring for the child. 

     This family has a small friendly dog that is also a part of the family. A nanny that loves dogs and can help let him out throughout the day would be wonderful.

      This family is offering an hourly rate of $25-$30/hr. They would ideally like a nanny that has previous experience doing household manager work as well as nannying. They are offering paid vacation, holidays, and sick days as well as guaranteed hours. 

 Please apply with Superior Nannies LLC if you feel you are a good fit for this position.


 Location: Morrison 

Start Date: ASAP but flexible for the right candidate.

    Professional parents are looking for their Mary Poppins!!

 They need a candidate to do 80% family managerial duties and 20% child-related care.

 Mom and dad run their own law firm from home and their children (4 and 6 y/o) are both in full day school (8am-3pm). 

     They need a full-time household manager/nanny to work the hours from 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday. Majority of the duties will be household, but they do need the candidate to pick up their children from school daily and chauffeur them to after school activities when needed. They will also need childcare on the days when children do not have school.

     This progressive family parents by teaching their children to respect others, and love life. 

The ideal candidate for this position will be a self-starter, proactive and very organized. Someone who can come up with things to do and has an eye for what needs to be done without needing direction. A nanny who is good at keeping an eye on pantry and refrigerator contents to ensure freshness, dropping off and picking up items as needed (e.g., dry cleaning), purchasing household items, supplies, or gifts, managing postal duties, such as sending and receiving packages and handling any specific errands as requested by the family. They expect a candidate who can make weekly meal plans, go grocery shopping, and prepare/cook dinner daily. Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for keeping the bedrooms tidy, making beds, laundry, dishes, decluttering spaces and keeping things in their desired place. Ideally, someone who is good at organizing closets, drawers, pantries and cabinets. 

    This family is offering $28-$32 based on the candidate’s experience. They will guarantee hours, offer paid vacation and sick days as well. Candidate must have previous experience as a nanny and doing household manager work for families in the past.



 Location: Denver/ Lodo

 Professional, toddler and multiples experienced nanny needed for twin 14 month old’s Monday-Friday from 12pm-7pm.

    This busy working family is looking for a nanny that has at least 2 years of professional infant / toddler care experience and that has experience working with multiple young children. The ideal candidate would be someone who has experience as a daycare or preschool teacher.  

  Nanny must put safety 1st, have a safe driving record and want to work as a team with mom in raising the babies. Nanny must be a self-starter, be nurturing and take pride in her job as a nanny. The ideal nanny would also be open to being a household manager and doing household duties such as baby’s laundry, check mail, water plants, make beds, etc. A nanny that has a lot of baby experience that she can bring to the parents and share with them is the ideal fit for this family. 

   Mom works from home, and it is important that they find a nanny who will encourage mom to have quality time with the babies when she is available. At times when moms work is slow, she would like to spend time with the babies and have the nanny do household duties.

     These parents have worked hard to get the babies on a schedule and are looking for a nanny to help keep them on a routine and schedule. It's also very important the nanny can work on the appropriate developmental milestones.

 This family is offering a pay of $25-$28+/hr .    They will guarantee hours each week and offer 2 weeks paid vacation, sick days and paid federal holidays. They would like a nanny to start ASAP.

 If you have professional toddler and multiples experience, please contact Jennifer at Superior Nannies LLC to apply for this job.


 Location: Boulder

 Start Date : As soon as August 15th

    Professional, outdoorsy parents are searching for a professional, detail oriented, creative, fun-loving nanny who has a holistic approach to the environment and childcare. They need this nanny to care for their 1-year-old daughter Mon.-Fri. from 7:30am-2:30pm and their 3- and 6-year-olds only on days when there is no school. Their 1-year-old is sweet, charming, playful, extroverted, and easy going. She is Gluten free and loves to go to parks and other fun activities. The nanny will mainly be caring for her every day.

  Qualities they are looking for in a nanny

* Has a background in early childhood development and Montessori or Waldorf is a bonus 

* Has a holistic approach to life and childcare and is environmentally and health conscious 

*Adaptive, practices consent, emotionally intelligent, organized, mindful and artful, loves cooking, singing, crafting, storytelling, down to earth, grounded, compassionate 

*Understands and can apply positive discipline

 *Navigates conflict in a way that guides the child towards understanding and connection rather than shame and punitive correction. 

* Someone who can set clear and healthy boundaries

 * Loves children and enthusiastic, patient, mindful, communicative/transparent

 *Certified in CPR and First aid for babies & toddlers. 

     The children are involved in art classes, gymnastics, swimming and music classes, camps and other activities. A nanny that has a safe and reliable vehicle to drive the children is a must. This family will reimburse the nanny for gas miles while driving the children. NANNY MUST ALSO HAVE A CLEAN DRIVING RECORD. 

    The nanny will be responsible for light household chores when the baby is napping.

 The chores would be

: Load/unload dishwasher, 

: Pick toys up, laundry, etc. 

: Prepare for cleaners and be sure things are picked up 

: Pick up/ drop off kids at school oe other activities

 : Make healthy snacks and lunches for the kids and meal pr

ep : Run errands, organizational projects, track inventory Food and household supplies)

 : Create orders, coordinate vendors, schedule returns and shipments and grocery shop 

       These parents have a unique way of parenting that is inspired by Hand in Hand Parenting, Waldorf and Montessori approaches, the whole Brain Child and gentle parenting. They also have a holistic approach to life and are very health conscious and environmentally conscious with the hand in hand parenting, Montessori , Walldorf and gentle parenting.

     Many of the family members are gluten and dairy free, therefore a nanny that can pay attention to this when feeding the children and meal prepping for the family is a must.

     Mom and dad both work from home, are very organized and would like a nanny that is like minded. 

   This family will base the hourly pay based on the candidates experience and productivity. They are offering paid holidays, vacation and sick days.

 They would also like a nanny to travel with them 3-4 times per year. If you meet these requirements and think you would be a good fit for this family, please fill out the nanny application.

                                PART-TIME NANNY JOBS


Location: Boulder 

Start Date: Oct 15TH

 Returning Boulder family is looking for a part-time home cook/manager. They are flexible on the hours but ideally Monday-Friday from 2:30pm-5:30pm has worked best for the family. Their current home cook/manager has been with them for 6 years and is moving out of state. They have had only a few nannies in the past 20 years and are looking for their next candidate to become a part of their family again. 

     This family includes two adults, two children aged 16 and 21 (the older one is in college now), and two dogs.

 WEEKLY responsibilities include: 

        1. Collaborate and develop a weekly meal plan aligned with their preferences. They have a massive collection of their favorite recipes that they will share with candidate, and would be excited to explore new recipes with candidate. The family makes a meal plan and has recopies for the candidate to follow therefore someone who can follow recopies and is comfortable in the kitchen is ideal. 

     2. Source quality ingredients from local stores 

    3. Prepare the meals daily.

    4. Clean up kitchen/work area dishes after cooking and set the dinner table. 

    5. Prepare dog food (~2 times a week)

    6. Time permitting, help with other house errands. 

           OCCASIONAL Responsibilities include (additional pay for extra hours, when applicable): 

1. Coordinate/schedule home repairs, oil changes, tire changes, etc. 

2. House sit/dog sit when the family is traveling (additional pay for this)

      The ideal candidate for the job is someone who has been a caregiver, nanny or teacher. They are looking for someone that will be very reliable and come in and see what needs to be done. If the candidate sees something in the pantry or fridge is low, they will go and get things. Someone who is very organized, clean, a self-starter, and responsible is the best fit for this family. Also someone who loves dog is the best fit as they have 2 dogs. A standard poodle and a goldendoodle. 

    When the family travels out of town they would love a candidate to stay at their home overnight, walk and feed their dogs and will be paid additional to their weekly salary. 

       This family will pay $30/hr., will guarantee hours weekly and will offer vacation days to be acquired. This is a lovely family to work for as they have had nannies and household managers for 20 years.

     They know how to treat candidates and have had each candidate stay with them long term.


 Location: Superior

 Start Date:ASAP 

   Family in Superior is looking for someone to help take care of their twin 17-month-old children. 

The parents just moved from Singapore, and the dad is going to college while the mom stays at home. 

      They need a nanny who has experience with twins or multiple kids of the same age; 2 or more of experience with toddlers is a must.

   Nanny must be CPR/first aid and be okay with a background check. 

They are looking for someone who genuinely adores kids, can ensure their safety, and keep them entertained. Nanny should be capable of helping with meals, tidying up, giving baths, and organizing their toys. 

     Since the mom will be around sometimes, being comfortable working together is important. 

They need a nanny for 15 hours a week, 4-5 days a week  from 5-8 or 4:30-7:30pm.  They do need every Saturday and could do Sundays or weekdays.

    The start date is ASAP, and they're looking for a commitment of about a year. 

 They value a responsible nanny who can stick to a schedule and accept feedback positively. The family lives a healthy lifestyle and values a peaceful environment. They are offering $22-$25 per hour based on your experience with childcare. If you're interested, you can contact Jennifer to apply for the job.


Location: Denver/ Sloans lake 

Start Date: ASAP or Oct 9th

position filled

 Outdoorsy, music loving parents are searching for an infant experienced, proactive nanny who will engage their 6-month-old son and not be on their phone.

 They would love a nanny who has a background in early education and that is aware of the developmental milestones where an infant and toddler should be and what they should be working on. They need a nanny for 3 days a week from 11;30-5:30 and they are flexible on which 3 days. If the nanny is open and looking for more hours, they would love to have 1 date night a week as well.     

    These parents would love a nanny that is willing to help with the baby’s laundry and dishes while the baby is napping. He usually naps for about 2 hours a day. The ideal nanny for this job will be bubbly, proactive, passionate about babies, has some experience with baby led weaning and with infants transferring to solids. Mom does still nurse but the baby takes a bottle well, therefore a nanny that has experience with the safe handling of breastmilk is ideal. They would like a nanny who likes to stick to a schedule that they have their little guy on as thrives well on. 

   Both parents work in the music industry and work from home offices. They will let the nanny take the lead and not interrupt. They would love a nanny who wants to take their baby to story time, parks or other close adventures. 

      They would love a nanny to start ASAP. They are taking a vacation from Sept 21-Oct 9th and are not planning on paying the nanny for this time, they are open to a nanny starting now or Oct 9th. In the future they will guarantee the nanny 18-20 hours a week.

      They will pay the nanny $22-$25/hr based on the nanny’s experience.

 Nanny must have at least 2 years of professional infant experience, be infant CPR certified, have a clean background check and love caring for babies.



 Start Date: Oct. or ASAP

     Returning Superior Nannies family of 5 is in need of a nanny that is experienced with multiples or twins. They have identical twin girls who are 4 years old and a 7-year-old. They are looking for a nanny for 20-30 hours a week. The hours needed are Monday-Friday from 2:30-6pm but they are also flexible for a nanny that wants more hours and is willing to help with household manager duties such as laundry, organizing, running errands, ordering groceries and keeping herself busy around the house.

    The twins need to be picked up at 3:00pm and sometimes their older sister will need to be picked up as well (they attend the same school). This family does offer a car for the nanny to drive the children around in. 

    These 2 professional moms both work full-time and need a fun-loving, patient, flexible, experienced nanny to engage and play with their twins. Other than occasional pick-ups and short overlap periods, no care for the 7 year old will be required. 

    They are looking for a nanny that has a clean driving record, is a non-smoker (of any kind), is high energy, flexible, fun loving, gentle and that can help the twins navigate exploring the world and their feelings. A nanny who is professional, but informal (you get to be yourself at work). Someone who is focused on being present; not just making sure the twins are safe, but giving them your full attention. A nanny that is able to tolerate a little but of twins chaos (and noise) and is looking for a relationship with a family that’s all about open communication and respect is a must. A nanny that loves the outdoors and wants to get outside every day to go for walks and to the neighborhood playground, has ideas for fun things to do and is comfortable taking twins on adventures is a must! A nanny that is easy going, flexible and goes with the flow is also a must; a nanny that is very rigid and follows a strict schedule is not a great fit for this family. The ideal nanny will also love dogs as they have a loving 10 year old dog who is a part of the family. 

    This fun, active family likes to travel to the mountains a few weekends a month in the winter and would love to have their nanny go with them. This is not a deal breaker but a bonus to find.

    These moms parent with respect and communicate openly with their children and believe in setting and maintaining necessary boundaries while giving them as much wiggle room as possible to grow and explore.

 This family is COVID cautious and are looking for a nanny that is as well! A nanny that has had her COVID vaccine or is planning on getting it ASAP and who is willing to take a COVID test if they are feeling sick (the family is happy to provide the tests) is the best fit for this family. They have 85-year-old grandmas they have to keep safe. 

   This lovely family is offering great benefits with paid vacation, holidays and sick days. They are looking for a nanny to be a part of their family and stay with them for a year or longer .


 Location: Broomfield
 Start Date: August 19th but flexible for a later date
position filled
    Toddler or multiples experienced nanny is needed for sweet, busy twins who are 2 years old, soon to be 3 in October. Mom is a teacher and going back to work. She is a single mom, however, dad is involved some as well. She would like a nanny who has a background in early childhood education. A nanny that can work on educational, age-appropriate activities and social emotional learning with her twins.
      The ideal schedule is Tues and Thurs from 7:00am- 4pm and Fridays from 7:00am-1pm, Mom does have a little flexibility with this schedule for the right nanny. The ideal nanny will be patient, loving, creative, warm, and fun. Mom is currently a first grade teacher and has extensive experience as a preschool teacher and nanny. She would like a nanny who has previous preschool experience and/or has worked with multiples. A nanny who acknowledges the children’s feeling is a must for this job. Nanny must have previous experience with potty training toddlers and be able to come up with fun, educational activities throughout the day. 
       Mom likes to parent with redirection instead of saying “no” as much as possible. She likes to give the children choices and acknowledges their feelings, whether they get hurt or show frustration. She does not use time-outs but will give them a choice on how they want to calm down. A nanny who has experience with this is ideal. 
       Being a teacher allows mom to have off specifics days and holiday, following the district calendar. She will guarantee the nanny the same hours each week, which will include paid holidays, paid vacation, and sick days to be acquired. She will pay the nanny based on her childcare experience.
   This mom is very easy going and is looking for the perfect fit for her babies. So far, they have only been cared for by grandparents and part time by their father. She is looking forward to meeting you!

 Location: NE Denver
Start Date: ASAP and no later than Sept 1.
position filled
  Affectionate, active, creative, organized, infant and toddler experienced nanny is needed to care for 2 sweet girls ages 3 years old and 3 months old.
    This busy family is flexible on the hours for the right nanny as mom and dad are both self-employed. The ideal hours are Monday-Thursday from 3pm-7:30pm and then one weekend day for about 5 hours. They would love to have one longer day for a date night; however, this is not a must. This family is also flexible (for the right nanny) to go up to 30 hours a week if the nanny has previous household manager experience and wants to help with household duties such as laundry, grocery shopping, organizing the girl’s clothes or other helpful household chores. A nanny who is excited to go with them to their mountain home with them for a long weekend 1-2 times a month is expected. The nanny will be compensated for travel time. The nanny will have her own room and bathroom and will have time to herself to go and explore.
     The ideal nanny for this family is a good communicator with both parents, be proactive, organized, and tidy. Must be attentive to the children, active and loves getting outdoors. If the nanny speaks Spanish this would be a bonus. Also, if a nanny has a background in early childhood development and/ or Montessori this is a bonus. Their home is set up in a Montessori style and the girls attend Montessori daycare.
    This family is looking for an extra set of hands in the evening in helping with pick-ups, after school activities, dinner, and bedtime. Both parents work from home offices but have very demanding jobs, therefore need a nanny to provide exceptional care for the children.
     This family provides structure and consistency when parenting while also being playful, gentle, and firm. They limit screen time, teach their girls to treat others with respect, and to help around the house with picking up toys and setting the table. A nanny who will put the children’s safety 1st is a must.
     A nanny who loves dog is a must as they have a fun-loving dog who is also part of the family.
   This family will offer guaranteed hours, paid holidays, sick days, and vacation to be discussed. They know how to take care of their nanny.

                                Temporary Nanny Jobs


 Location: Highlands/Vail

 Start ASAP.

position filled

 Fun-loving, busy family is in need of a regular babysitter or part-time nanny, preferably with toddler experience to do regular date nights and up to 2 weekends a month in Vail, as well as 2 Fridays during the day a month. They have a spirited, smart, funny, caring 4.5 yr old boy and an easy-going, sweet, sporty 21 month old boy.

     This family has a part-time nanny during the week, but they also need a date night about once a week (6:30-11:30pm) as well as a someone who can go to the mountains with them up to 2 weekends out of the month during the ski season (till April). They would also like 2 Fridays for a few daytime hours a month for their younger son while the older one is in school (8am-2pm).

      For Vail weekends, mileage would be reimbursed at standard rates for driving to/from their mountain home (62.5 cents/mile). Daily schedule to be discussed, family is flexible. Ideal proposed schedule would be some daytime hours so parents could ski, then a few hours off, and then a few hours in the evening or night so parents could go out. Overnight rate of $100, hourly rate for working hours during the days.

Private bedroom and bathroom provided (queen bed, full bathroom).

 Ideal candidate is fun, loving, patient and has experience caring for 2 young children at once.

Please contact Jennifer for more details.



Location: Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and surrounding areas

    Superior Nannies needs on call and temporary nannies. You do not have to be available all the time. Jennifer at Superior Nannies will contact you when on call nanny jobs come in and you get to decide if you would like to take the job or not. Superior Nannies finds you the babysitting jobs and then the family pays you directly.


-Have at least 2 years of childcare experience outside of your family after being 18 years old.

-Be Able to provide your own insured, reliable vehicle to take to and from the job each day

-Able to prove a valid driver’s license CPR and or First aide certified or willing to get certified.

-Able to provide SUPERIOR NANNIES with the names and numbers of at least two childcare references that are not related to you.

-Eligible to work in the United States.

-Willing to provide a clean criminal background check. Call Jennifer for more details.



 Please contact us if you are interested in being a nanny through Superior Nannies LLC.


  PHONE 303.725.5440