$20+/ Hr. Adventurous, Nurturing, Infant and Toddler Experienced Nanny
Start Date: 3rd week in Jan – Feb 1st
Location: Central Boulder
Mom is returning to work mid Jan, to beginning of Feb. and is need of a Nurturing, infant and toddler experienced nanny to care for their 2 children ages 2 years and 2 month old (4 months when the job starts).
This busy family is in need of a professional nanny, that has a lot of experience with infants and toddlers at the same time Mon-Fri from 8am-6pm. They are flexible for a few less hours as well. Their 2 year old does go to school 3 mornings a week and the nanny will need to pick her up.
This family has had 2 Aupair for the last few years and is now ready for a nanny to become part of their family for a long time.
This fun, outdoorsy family lives just a few blocks from parks, hiking trail and downtown Boulder.   They would like someone who will enjoy going out on adventures and nurturing their kids, reading, singing, playing and being a comforting, caring caretaker for their children. A nanny who can help get the baby on a good sleep schedule is ideal and who can support this family. A nanny that is familiar with handling breast milk is a must as well as light housework, tidying up after the children, dishes, laundry and helping let their dog outside.
A nanny who is comfortable with a parent working from home is a must as dad works from home in a home office.
This generous family is offering 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, sick days and an annual salary for the nanny. The salary will be based on nanny’s experience.
If you have more than 2 years of experience providing childcare for an infant and toddler at the same time then please apply for this job under the for nannies tab.

Location: Platt Park (Denver)
Start Date: Dec. 9th.
Single, Professional mom is in need of a nurturing, energetic, infant experienced nanny to care for her precious little girl who will be 4 months old the beginning of December.
Mom is looking for a nanny that will form a nurturing, and loving relationship with her daughter. A nanny that is warm, patient and able to help her baby develop confidence and independence is a must.
This is a no T.V. household and mom does not want the nanny to be on her phone or any electronics. She would love a nanny that will sing songs, read books, play games and get outside (daily) to neighborhood parks, story time or other baby friendly activities. The nanny will be responsible for helping with baby’s laundry, picking up after herself and the baby throughout the day and washing bottles.
A nanny that is knowledgeable with the safe handling of breast milk is a must!
An old, fun, loving yellow lab is also part of this family so the nanny must like dogs. The nanny will not be asked to take the dog for walks but just letting him in and out in the back yard throughout the day would be wonderful.
Mom is in need of a nanny Monday-Friday from 8am-5:30pm. She will be working from home 1 day a week and will most likely only need the nanny for shorter hours that day. She is open to talk about which day that will be with the nanny.
Mom can guarantee 40 hours a week but most likely it will be 40-45 hours.
She is also offering 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays and sick days. If you have more than 2 years of professional infant experience and are looking for a full-time job, please apply under the for nannies tab.

$20-$25 Household manager/nanny needed for 5-year-old twins
Location: Boulder
Start date: Flexible, ideally by Jan. 1 (but can be sooner)
Professional parents are seeking an organized, honest, reliable, self-starting nanny to help in management of their household and care for their 5-year-old boy/girl twins. They need someone who is mature and willing to step in and help with anything to help support their family.
Being highly organized and punctual, VERY flexible, cheerful and easygoing, a nonsmoker, and having a stellar driving record are a must. A nanny who is musical, athletic, and never on her phone is ideal.
Duties include: cooking, shopping, childcare, driving kids to/from school, athletic and musical activities, helping with dinner and bath time, and tidying up. Some days the nanny will be helping with breakfast and school drop off. Also, light cleaning of the children’s stuff (kids’ laundry, kids’ room, after kids eat, putting away dishes from dishwasher, etc.). This family has a cleaning team that comes in 3-4 times a week to do the main stuff but especially on days when they aren’t there they would like the nanny to help.
The following is an example schedule: Monday 12-8 pm; Tuesday 7-9 am and 12-6 pm; Wednesday 9 am-5 pm or 2-8 pm; Friday 7-9 am, or 7 am-noon, or 7 am-2 pm. We would also like some date nights, so 2-10 pm one weeknight, or 6-10 pm on a weekend night works well. If the nanny wants more hours, she could do some 4-hour spots on weekends like 12-4 pm or 6-10 pm. This is a minimum 30-hour per week job posting, but easily could be 40 hours if a nanny is willing to work some hours on the weekends and/or other date nights, or assume other house manager responsibilities.
This family has no pets and mom is very sensitive to fragrances, smoke and pet hair, therefore a nanny who is conscious of this is a must (e.g., being a nonsmoker). They currently have a nanny/household manager who has been with them for more than 2 years and would love to find another long-term nanny/household manager. This family is offering great benefits, such as paid holidays and vacation, bonuses, and potential travel (both domestically and internationally). They know what it means to take care of their nanny and make her an integral part of their family!!!
If you have at least 2 years of nanny experience and know how to keep a household organized and running, please apply for this position under the for nannies tab.

$20-$25/hr. Professional, Newborn and Toddler Experienced Nanny Needed
Location: North East  Boulder
Start Date: Flexible (Nov. 20th-Jan. 15th)
position has been filled
Professional, upbeat, punctual, organized, newborn and toddler experienced nanny is needed to care for an 18 month old girl and newborn boy (in Feb.). They need a nanny Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-6:30pm. This is the ideal schedule but are also open to a Monday-Friday schedule from 8:30-5:30 or 9-5:30.
Mom has some mild physical limitations and needs an extra set of hands caring for her sweet, fun daughter and baby to be born.
She would like a nanny that is comfortable bouncing back and forth between baby and toddler.
They are looking for nanny that will be proactive and help with anything that is needed around the house and with the children.  They are not looking for a cleaning person but just a nanny that will step in and be very helpful.
Main duties would include: childcare, laundry, help tidying up the playroom and main floor, running errands and taking their daughter to activities as well as help with walking the dog.
A self-sufficient, mature nanny that can see what needs to be done and help out without being asked is a must!
Dad works long hours and mom needs a dependable, reliable nanny to show up every day.
This family is looking for a long-term nanny to become a part of their family.
They are offering 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, sick days and will provide a car for the nanny to drive the children in.
They would like a nanny who could come on the occasional family trip and the nanny will be compensated but this is not a must!
If you have a lot of newborn experience, work well with supporting mom, and are professional then this is the job for you.


                                PART-TIME NANNY JOBS

Start Date: ASAP
Location: N Boulder
Returning Superior Nannies family is looking for a part time nanny Monday-Friday from 2:30 or 3pm-6:30pm. They would love 1 date night a week which would end up giving the nanny about 20 hours a week.  A nanny that has flexibility to come in early or stay late on some days is ideal. This job could easily amount to more than 20 hours week if nanny would like.
This family is looking for a professional nanny to be active, plan play dates, go on outings and hikes. They want their children to spend a majority of their afternoon outside and in nature. They want a nanny who takes initiative in planning and doing things. A nanny who speaks Spanish is ideal but not a must.
The best for this family would be a nanny that is adventurous sporty, outgoing, a great communicator, responsible and wanting to take the kids on hikes or to the creek to play.
The Nanny must have her own car to transport the children and have a good driving record.
They would like a nanny that is comfortable in the kitchen and that can help out with prepping or cooking dinners.
A nanny that is familiar with Montessori or Waldorf principles and share the same philosophy is a major bonus and will be compensated. They would like a nanny that can commit to at least a year and that could possibly travel to Vail on occasion. This is not a must but an added bonus.

Outdoorsy, organized, easy going family is looking for a nanny that is fun loving, nurturing, patient, punctual, reliable, organized and preferably with a background in early education, to take care of their almost 2 year old son in beautiful South Boulder near hiking trails, parks and a big back yard. They would like a nanny Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 7am-5 or 6pm.  They are flexible with the start and end time and could also give the nanny more hours if the nanny could do 1 date night a week and a few hours on the morning on Mondays and Wed. 
This cute little guy has tons of personality and energy, loves walks in the stroller, reading books going to the library and rec center near their house.
They also have a dog so the nanny must be ok with that. You will not be responsible for the care of the dog.
They would love a nanny that is warm, fun and likes to play.
They live close to the South Boulder Rec. center, library and may parks. They do not want the nanny to drive him places at first but are ok with it once they establish a relationship with the nanny.
Nanny MUST be current on her INFANT CPR and FIRST AIDE certification as well, must have over 2 years of toddler experience and a bonus if you have early childhood development education.
The nanny will be responsible for cleaning up after him and putting him down for naps as well as helping with child’s laundry. Mom will be home working; therefore a nanny that is comfortable with this is a must. They would love a nanny that can be proactive and that will fit into their family.
This is also a screen free home, smoke free home and don’t want a nanny who smokes or is in front of her phone.
If you have over 2 years of professional nanny experience, work well with mom in the home, and are a super nanny, please apply for this job. Pay will be based on the nanny’s experience.

Location: Louisville
Start Date: Jan.6th
New to Colorado family is looking for a dependable, safe, active, creative nanny that loves their daughter like they do. They want a fun, active nanny to take their 3.5 year old daughter to parks, the Louisville Rec. center, the library and any other fun outings.
They need a nanny Mondays and Fridays from  8-5. 
This fun family just moved to Colorado from Illinois and doesn’t have family near.
They would love a nanny that knows fun activities and could plan play dates with other children.
The hours could change more in the future to more hours if the nanny was open to that but not a requirement.


                                 AFTER SCHOOL NANNY JOBS                         

Location: Louisville
Start Date: beginning of Oct.
Position has been filled
Active, Busy family of 5 is in need of a many or nanny to help with their 3 boys after school, ages 7,9 and 11 years old. They need a nanny Monday-Friday from 2:15p.m.-5:15p.m.
The nanny would need to pick up the boys from school, prepare healthy snacks as needed, help them with homework and piano practice, drive them to and from after-school activities, and keep the house tidy.
They ideally would like to find a nanny that could work full days when the boys have school off, such as bank holidays and full time in the summer. This is not a must but would be ideal!
A nanny that is kind but firm, sincere, active, engaging, organized, detail-oriented, punctual, is an excellent driver and that enjoys sports ( tennis, football, soccer),  outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, frog catching, free play), swimming, reading, and crafts would be a great fit for their boys!
They are open to a male nanny who has childcare experience and that knows how to have fun, can set the boundaries but not to be to authoritative.
They try to be empathetic and listen to their kids. Mom and dad believe that having expectations (e.g. about school or behavior) is important. They also  teach their kids to be self-sufficient yet surrounded by their family's love and support.
This family is offering paid vacation and paid sick days.
If you think this family would be a good fit for you then please fill out the nanny application.

                                   PERSONAL ASSISTANT JOBS

Location: Westminster
Start Date: ASAP (once they find the right fit)
Professional, self-employed, parents are seeking a long-term, part time personal assistant to help manage their house. The job will include very little childcare, dog walking / pet sitting, running errands, cooking and meal preparation, home organizing, laundry, dishes and scheduling appointments. They would ideally like a college student but are open to other candidates as well. The ideal hours they are looking for is Monday-Friday from 4pm-8pm. They do have some flexibility with these hours. The ideal candidate for this position would be self-sufficient, reliable, punctual and willing to help and be proactive. The candidate does not need to have prior experience.



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