Location: Cherry Creek/ Denver

Start Date: ASAP no later than April 15th

 Busy entrepreneur parents are searching for a patient, reliable, safety conscious, infant experienced nanny to care for their 14-month-old and 3 month old children. Mom is currently on maternity leave and has her hands full.

    They need a nanny to start ASAP Monday-Friday from 8:30-5pm. They are flexible on start time of 8am or 9am as well and can also be flexible on the end time of 4:30, 5 or 5;30pm. For the right nanny they can be flexible on start and end times.

    A nanny that is comfortable with mom or dad occasionally working from home office is a must.

At first mom will have the 3-month-old most of the time and the nanny will be responsible for the 14-month-old but after the baby is 6 months old the nanny will have both children full time when parents are comfortable trusting the nanny with both children. If a nanny is very experienced with 2 infants at one time, then the nanny could take on the care of both children sooner.   

     Their 14-month-old is fun, loving and as sweet as can be. He does have PT and OT a few times a week as well as a G tube for the time being to get him up to a good weight. The ideal nanny would be willing to work on his OT and PT skills at home as well as be comfortable with following directions on how to give him fluids in his G tube. He will not have this forever but while he is catching up he needs this. The nanny does not have to have previous experience with this.

     Their now 3 month old daughter is easy going and sweet. She currently sleeps a lot.

 A nanny that is attentive, engaging, not on her phone, is reliable and PUNCTUAL, loving, friendly and that has experience caring for 2 little ones at one time is the ideal nanny this family is looking for.

 Safety and trust are critical for this family!

The children are the nanny’s top priority but when the children are napping the family would love a nanny that can be proactive and help keep the house tidy and with light household duties.

 If the nanny speaks French or Spanish that is a huge bonus.

They are looking for a nanny long term and to be a part of their family for at least a year and hopefully much longer than that. This family also has a sweet English bulldog, therefore a nanny that is dog friendly is important.

They are offering great benefits such as paid holidays, guaranteed hours, sick days, and health benefits. The pay will be based on the nanny’s experience. They are willing to wait for the right nanny but ideally need someone to start April 15th but hopefully sooner.


 Location: Boulder

Start Date: ASAP


position filled

      This lovely family of 4 just moved to Boulder from the UK a few weeks ago. Mom works from home and dad commutes to Denver. They have 2 fun, energetic, loving boys ages 3 years old and 14 months old. This family will be traveling back to London each summer and are still trying to figure out the best scenario for a long-term nann.

      They are looking for a full-time nanny but do not need care from mid-June to mid-Sept. Therefore, a temporary nanny starting ASAP to mid-June is an ideal situation for this family. They need a nanny Monday-Friday from 7:30/8:30am until 3:30/4:30pm. They need 8 hours of coverage per day and are flexible on those start and end times. There is a possibility this nanny could travel to the UK with them for 1+ month in June/July, but this is not a must or for sure thing.

    The other scenario would be a nanny who is interested in nannying for this family from ASAP to mid-June and traveling for the 1st month to the UK (or not traveling that 1st month) then finding other work or taking that time off unpaid for the months of mid-July, August and half of Sept. That nanny would then start up with them when they return from the UK on a full-time permanent basis. (Jennifer can tell you more when you contact her)

       The ideal nanny for this family is reliable and punctual and somebody who is innately warm, fun, energetic, patient, creative, and helpful around the house. A nanny who is not on her phone and doesn’t do screen time is a must. A nanny who can schedule playdates, go for walks, and plan fun local outings is a must for this job. If the nanny speaks Spanish or French or another second language that would be AMAZING, however this is just an added bonus.

      The nanny will be responsible for everything child-related such as children’s laundry, cooking lunch and snacks for the boys as well as clean up after, letting the parents know when diapers, wipes or any children items are running low. Somebody who is courteous and helpful around the house for minor household tasks would be a benefit.

     Their 3-year-old goes to preschool Monday-Friday from 8am-1pm and as of now mom takes him to school and picks him up. He then comes home for a 1-2 hour nap.

   Their 14-month-old will be with the nanny all day. Nanny will be responsible for planning engaging activities and outings for him daily and planning his lunch and snacks. He then goes down for a 2-hour nap and bottle. During this time the family would love a nanny who can help keep the house tidy and clean. They do have a house cleaner once a week and are not looking for the nanny to be a house cleaner but rather prefer someone to be helpful/thoughtful in cleaning/tidying up the home while children are sleeping.

   This family values kindness, patience, and humility. They are very hands on parents with a social/emotional type parenting. This family is offering PTO and sick days as well as paid holidays for a long-term nanny. They will do paid holidays for a temporary nanny. 


 Location: Louisville
 Start date:ASAP
position filled
      Professional, busy family is in need of a very RELIABLE, PUNCTUAL nanny that has experience caring for multiple children at one time. This busy family consist of a 5year old girl who is in full day Kindergarten, a 3-year-old boy who is in preschool 3 mornings a week and twin 1.5-year old girls. They need a nanny Monday-Friday from 8:30 or 9am- 5 or 5:30pm. The parents may also have occasional travel (maybe once a quarter) where they may need help from the nanny around 7/7:30am, but this would only be on occasion.
    Both parents work from home offices, but they let the nanny take the reins and do not interfere while the nanny is there. They are looking for a nanny that puts safety 1st, great at communication, enjoys children and someone who can make at least a year commitment or more, who will engage with the children in fun activities such as arts and crafts, going outside to play or to parks and who can come up with fun games. The ideal nanny would have a background in early childhood or elementary education. Someone who has multiples and toddler experience is a must. The nanny will be asked to help keep the house picked up daily, clean up after the children’s meals, play and engage in fun activities with the kids.
    Nanny must be comfortable having all 4 children at times. The 5-year-old will usually not be there but after school for an hour or on non-school days she will be there and a nanny that can handle all children is a must! This family is paying $30-$35/hr based on nanny’s experience. They will offer 2 weeks paid vacation, holidays, and sick days.
    If you love toddlers, have a lot of energy, are reliable and punctual and love to be outside playing with kids then this job could be for you.

 Location: Wellington
Start Date: ASAP
position filled
 Kind, gentle, fun, caring, enthusiastic, toddler experienced nanny is needed to care for 3 children Monday-Friday from 8am-5:00 pm, end time can be flexible of 4 pm or 4:30 pm if nanny needs. This mom is getting her PhD at CSU and dad works a few days from home as a computer programmer. They need help with their 3 young children ages 2, 4 and 6 years old. They need the nanny to care for their toddler while the older two children will be at school for most of the day. The nanny will have all 3 kids for about 2 hours in the afternoon. The parents will drop the older two kids off at school in the morning before the nanny arrives.
    Nanny must also love pets as this family has a puppy golden Retriever, and a senior yorkie. The nanny will not be responsible for the pets but if she loves pets, it's a bonus. They are looking for a nanny that will be kind, gentle, and loving. A nanny that is warm and fuzzy. It is okay to set boundaries with the kids, of course, but in a kind and gentle way.
   A nanny that is willing to help keep the house tidy, do dishes once per day and the children’s laundry once every week or two would be ideal. This family is very busy and would love a kind, empathetic nanny that is willing to step in and help anyway she can.
    This family has a large back yard with a swing set, a big playroom and lives near lakes and parks. They would love a nanny who likes to be outside playing and doing fun activities with their children daily.
     They also have a membership to Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, and encourage the nanny to take the toddler to the museum, and the nanny would have free admission with the family’s membership. They are only 10 minutes away from Fort Collins, so there are lots of opportunities for activities to do with the toddler there. Someone who likes to have fun and really enjoys being with children is important.    
     They also have a vehicle the nanny can drive the children around in as there is a fair amount of driving involved with this job. Nanny will need to take the 2 yr old to pick up the 3 yr old from morning preschool in Fort Collins and bring her to preschool in Wellington where their 6 yr old goes to school. Nanny must then pick up the 3 and 6 yr old from school at 2:35 and have all 3 children until 5pm.
      Nanny must be infant CPR certified before starting, must have at least 1 year of toddler care experience, and is looking to make at least a year commitment. 
     This family will offer overtime, paid holidays, and guarantee hours. There will also be the option for the nanny to travel with the family on occasion if she would like.
 The family has a cabin on Copake lake in upstate New York with the opportunity for kayaking, swimming, and boating on the lake, so if they go on vacation the nanny may be invited to join if she wishes to.

Location: Erie
 Start Date: ASAP
position filled
     Covid cautious family of 4 is looking for a professional, toddler experienced nanny to care for their 3.5 and 8-year-old Monday-Friday 40 hours per week which would ideally include a flexible date night. The hours are typically, 7:30am to 3:30pm M-F; Fridays may potentially be shorter days to offset a weekend date night, with some occasional flexibility.
      They also have a small, flighted Parrot who is a part of the family, and Mum can keep the parrot in his cage or in her office as the nanny prefers.
      They need a nanny who can help get the kids off to school every morning, the 3 year old is doing half day preschool Mon-Thu, so drop off and pick-up will be required for the 3 year old, use of family car is included. The 8 year old loves anything Star Wars, swimming, playing at playgrounds, gardening, riding her bike and reading books. The 3-year-old is very active and loves the outdoors, playing at playgrounds, swimming, gardening, and books such as Bluey, Peppa Pig, and Totoro.
      They are looking for an open and proactive communicator, who has an easy and natural connection with their girls. A nanny that is kind, patient, compassionate, fun, organized/structured but also flexible to adapt changes, and a little goofy is the best fit. The ideal candidate should be able to set and hold limits with respect and kindness (no shame or belittling), answer all the girl’s questions (they are very inquisitive), and be able to turn everyday activities into learning moments and creative adventures.
    It is very important the nanny has experience as a household manager as this is a big part of this job while the girls are at school or the younger one is napping. Nanny will be required to do school pickup and dropoff, arranging/driving to after school playdates and activities, light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, dishes, shopping, errands, organization, watering plants and outdoor garden. Anything needed! A nanny that loves cooking is a MUST for this family.
      Activities they would like their nanny to do with their girls are:
  Outdoor activities (like playground, hiking, bike park, swimming, etc.), schoolwork, and a range of engaging developmental activities, including reading to the children, make believe play, arts & crafts, playing with building toys (Legos, etc.), science experiments, baking/cooking; supervise play dates. Very limited screen time.
   Mom and dad really like to be part of the children’s day and activities, and both work from home in separate home offices, therefore a nanny that is ok with mom and dad being around and sometimes participating in activities is important. A nanny who can schedule activities for the girls weekly would be a good fit for this family.
This family lives in a quiet family-oriented neighborhood in Erie with a garden, swing set, climbing structure and playhouse in the backyard. Pocket parks and nature trails are all around their neighborhood; there is also a community pool in their neighborhood. Erie library, skate park, and recreation center are about a 10-minute walk. Their house is about 1.5 miles from downtown Erie; a nice afternoon walk/bike ride.
     This family will pay $27 to $31 per hour based on experience. Vacation, major holidays, sick days, potential for travel, performance bonus. They treat their nanny the way they would want to be treated.



Location: Lafayette

 Start Date: Early January ( no later than Feb 1st)

position filled

    Professional, energetic, proactive, loving, reliable, flexible, infant and toddler experienced nanny needed for 40 hours a week to care for a sweet, chill 9-month-old and a happy, sweet, bright 3-year-old Mondays-Fridays. This family is looking for a nanny from 9am-5pm, and is open to some flexibility, such as 830am start with shorter day on Fridays. Their 3-year-old girl goes to preschool 3 days a week from 8am-3pm so the nanny will have both children for only 2 days and less than a few hours on the other 3 days.    

     This easy going family has had their current nanny for 3 years and are looking for another long-term nanny. They are a true gem to work for and welcome open communication. Both parents work from home most of the time in home offices. They also have a small family dog at home.

       A nanny that has at least 2 years or more experience with multiple children and is good at multitasking and managing different and changing schedules is a must. The ideal nanny would have a background in Montessori, love the outdoors, be creative like coming up with fun activities and crafts for the girls, as well as keep to a schedule. A nanny that can teach the girls is also a must. Nanny must have a clean driving record as she will be driving the children to extracurricular activities and occasional preschool pickup for the toddler.

        In addition to caring for the girls, the Nanny will be asked to prepare meals for the children, children’s laundry and dishes, organizing, tidying up, etc.

       Their 9-month-old is transitioning to solid foods, therefore a nanny who has experience with this is important. Also, this family would occasionally like the option of shifting or adding hours to accommodate date nights or additional evening support when Mom or Dad has a late work function. A Nanny who is open to travel with them would be wonderful but not a must.

      Nanny must be infant CPR certified or willing to get it before starting, have a clean driving record, have at least 2 years of infant and toddler care experience and be willing to make at least a 1-year commitment.

       This family is offering pay based on the nanny’s experience, paid holidays, sick days and guarantees hours.


 Start Date: ASAP

Location: North Boulder

position filled

      Professional, busy parents are looking for a very reliable, proactive, punctual, energetic, responsible, organized nanny to care for their 2-year-old son. The current schedule is Monday, Wed, and Thurs from 12:30-6:30pm and Tues. and Fri from 8:30am-5:30pm with some flexibility (i.e. occasional 1 hour earlier / later and occasional few hours on weekend - all negotiable). Family is open to offering the nanny more hours per week for full time employment if the nanny can cook or meal prep, do laundry, home organization, errands and be a self-starter. Ideal nanny candidate has an early childhood education/training, understands developmental milestones, can successfully manage the toddler's schedule, supervise toilet training and engage him with educational activities.

  The nanny must establish a loving relationship with the toddler, be able to receive feedback and work partnership with the parents and be a great communicator. Nanny must be very active, love the outdoors, love planning fun outings and activities and be a self-starter.

  Parents work from a home office and need a nanny that is comfortable with parents popping in throughout the day.

 Nanny must be comfortable with dogs as they have a family dog.


- Picking up the toddler from preschool (must have a safe car, a clean driving record and be a safe driver)

- Taking care of the toddler during the day, feeding, putting him down for a nap

- Playing with the toddler, reading to him, taking him on walks, to the park, playdates, and other activities

 - Doing toddler's laundry, making his meals and snacks, cleaning his dishes, tidying up his room and toys

- Light chores for the family: laundry, cooking or meal prep, tidying up, errands

    What they look for in a nanny:

 - Responsible, organized, loving, energetic, great communicator, self-starter

 - Early education background and professional childcare experience, able to maintaining a routine, understands developmental milestones

- Up-to-date vaccinations (Covid, MMR, TDAP, recent flu shot), CPR certified, non-smoker

- Strong references

   This family is looking for a long-term nanny of at least a year and hopefully longer. They are offering guaranteed hours, paid vacation, holidays, and sick days.

The family would like to do initial facetime interviews with the nanny, followed by in-person interview and 3-5 days trial.


                                PART-TIME NANNY JOBS

 Location: Denver/LODO
Start date: ASAP
position filled
 Professional, infant and multiples experienced nanny needed for twin 6 month old’s every weekend or every other weekend. They need to have coverage of 10 hours every weekend ideally each Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-6pm or 12pm-5pm. They can be flexible on these hours but they do need them to be consistent and the same hours every weekend. They are open to having the same nanny every weekend or if you are looking for every other weekend that works too.
      This busy working family is looking for a career nanny that has at least 2 years of professional infant care experience and that has experience working with multiple young children. Nanny must put safety 1st, must be vaccinated, have a safe driving record and want to work as a team with mom in raising the babies. Nanny must be a self-starter, be nurturing and take pride in her job as a nanny. A nanny that has a lot of infant experience that she can bring to the parents and share with them is the ideal fit for this family. A nanny that has been a lead teacher in an infant room daycare or nannied twins before is the ideal fit for this family.
     These parents have worked hard to get the babies on a schedule and are looking for a nanny to help keep them on a routine and schedule. It's also very important the nanny can work on the appropriate developmental milestones.
     This family is offering a pay of $25-$30/hr. based on the nanny’s experience.
They would like a nanny to start ASAP.
 If you have professional infant and multiples experience, please contact Jennifer at Superior Nannies LLC to apply for this job.

 Location: Broomfield
 Start Date: ASAP
position filled
  Confident, proactive, structured, patient, resilient nanny is needed for a unique schedule.
 They need a nanny Monday-Friday from 7am or 7:30am-8:30am to take their daughter to school and then pick her up and bring her home from 2:30 or 3pm- 5:30 pm. This schedule is also for every other week. This family knows this schedule is a bit challenging and is willing to give a nanny more hours each week if the nanny is willing to do household duties such as dishes, laundry, organizing, running errands and grocery shopping. They are open to 5 additional hours a week and possibly more for the right nanny. The nanny must be a self-starter and able to come up with household duties to make up these hours.
   This family has a 5-year-old who is on the spectrum and needs a nanny that can be firm with boundaries and not let her walk all over you. A nanny that is fun, has a sense of humor, is strong willed, is great at communication and confident is the best fit for this family. This is a loud but fun family, therefore a quiet, reserved nanny would not be a good fit for this family.
    Mom is a former Marine and Dad is Cuban. They parent by giving choices, redirection and identifying feelings. Their daughter is goofy, fiercely independent and object fixated . She loves music or interactive experiences, anything science. She also loves anything water related and outdoor activities.
    The ideal nanny would have some training in ABA therapy or knowledge of working with kids on the spectrum, however this is not a must.
    They would love to find a nanny that is able to work on days when their daughter is off of school and more hours during the summertime when she is not in school.
   This job is perfect for someone who is an entrepreneur and has a flexible schedule. This family is looking for a long-term nanny. They are open to offering a health stipend or something of the sort, vacation days, sick days and paid holidays. They will reimburse money for gas and give the nanny a spending account to go do fun activities on days off of school. They are looking for a good fit for their family and are willing to make anything work for the right nanny.

                                Temporary Nanny Jobs


 Location: Highlands/Vail

 Start ASAP.

position filled

 Fun-loving, busy family is in need of a regular babysitter or part-time nanny, preferably with toddler experience to do regular date nights and up to 2 weekends a month in Vail, as well as 2 Fridays during the day a month. They have a spirited, smart, funny, caring 4.5 yr old boy and an easy-going, sweet, sporty 21 month old boy.

     This family has a part-time nanny during the week, but they also need a date night about once a week (6:30-11:30pm) as well as a someone who can go to the mountains with them up to 2 weekends out of the month during the ski season (till April). They would also like 2 Fridays for a few daytime hours a month for their younger son while the older one is in school (8am-2pm).

      For Vail weekends, mileage would be reimbursed at standard rates for driving to/from their mountain home (62.5 cents/mile). Daily schedule to be discussed, family is flexible. Ideal proposed schedule would be some daytime hours so parents could ski, then a few hours off, and then a few hours in the evening or night so parents could go out. Overnight rate of $100, hourly rate for working hours during the days.

Private bedroom and bathroom provided (queen bed, full bathroom).

 Ideal candidate is fun, loving, patient and has experience caring for 2 young children at once.

Please contact Jennifer for more details.



Location: Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and surrounding areas

    Superior Nannies needs on call and temporary nannies. You do not have to be available all the time. Jennifer at Superior Nannies will contact you when on call nanny jobs come in and you get to decide if you would like to take the job or not. Superior Nannies finds you the babysitting jobs and then the family pays you directly.


-Have at least 2 years of childcare experience outside of your family after being 18 years old.

-Be Able to provide your own insured, reliable vehicle to take to and from the job each day

-Able to prove a valid driver’s license CPR and or First aide certified or willing to get certified.

-Able to provide SUPERIOR NANNIES with the names and numbers of at least two childcare references that are not related to you.

-Eligible to work in the United States.

-Willing to provide a clean criminal background check. Call Jennifer for more details.



 Please contact us if you are interested in being a nanny through Superior Nannies LLC.


  PHONE 303.725.5440