Start Date: Nov 30th
Location: North Boulder


Warm, friendly, professional family is moving from Seattle to Boulder at the beginning of November and is looking for a nanny to care for their happy, curious, independent and affectionate 2-year-old daughter. They are looking for a nanny Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. They would love to find someone who has some flexibility to possibly trade hours on occasion for a few weekend hours, but this is not a must. They will guarantee 40 hours a week.
  This family is looking for a nanny who has a background or interest in early childhood education and who can support their daughter in learning and exploring her world. They would love to find someone who enjoys being outside, going for walks, is responsible and reliable but who also likes to play and be silly, and who is open to doing some light housework and helping to keep their home organized. Someone who values open communication, honesty, and kindness would be a great fit.
   Their daughter loves being outside, reading books, playing dress up, singing and dancing, going to the park, building things, and helping in the kitchen.
  They are seeking a nanny who is passionate about children and childcare and who wants to be engaged and present with their daughter. They are a no screen home. These parents parent with Montessori, Waldorf, and Respectful Parenting approaches, all of which emphasize treating kids with respect and love while creating a safe environment to support their curiosity and exploration.
 They love encouraging their daughter's curiosity and sense of wonder. They do set boundaries but are gentle and kind.
 Both parents work from home now but are in their home offices and let the nanny do her job.
This family will treat their nanny like part of the family. They are a wonderful family to work and are offering vacation, paid holidays and sick days. They are committed to creating a positive and warm work environment for their nanny.
 They are fully vaccinated and would like to find a nanny who is as well. Because their daughter is not yet vaccinated, they are continuing to be cautious about Covid and are looking for a nanny who has a similar approach. This family is looking for a nanny that does not take part in any indoor activities, such as dining indoors, ect.  They are willing to offer a great salary for a nanny who meets their Covid restrictions as well as their parenting style.

Start Date: Mid December
Location: North Boulder
Professional, busy parents are looking for a very reliable, punctual, loving, energetic, responsible, organized nanny to care for their 1-year-old son Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm with some flexibility (i.e. occasional 1 hour earlier / later or an occasional few hours on weekend - all negotiable). Ideal nanny candidate has an early childhood education/training, understands developmental milestones, can successfully manage the toddler's schedule, engage him with educational activities and follow nutritional guidelines. The nanny must establish a loving relationship with the toddler, be able to take feedback and be a great communicator and work in partnership with the parents. Parents work from a home office and need the nanny that is comfortable with parents popping in throughout the day. Nanny must be comfortable with dogs as they have a high energy dog (Vizsla).
 Responsibilities: - Taking care of the toddler during the day, changing, feeding, putting him down for naps (2 naps/day)
- Playing with the toddler, reading to him, taking him on walks, to the park, playdates, and other activities
- Toddler's laundry, making his meals, cleaning his dishes, tidying up his room + light chores for the family time permitting (laundry, meal prep, tidying up)
  What they look for in a nanny:
- Responsible, organized, loving, energetic, great communicator
- Early education background and experience, able to maintaining a routine, understands developmental milestones - Up-to-date vaccinations (MMR, TDAP, recent flu shot), CPR certified, non-smoker
- Follows COVID precautions + negative COVID test before starting
- Strong references
This family is looking for a long-term nanny of at least a year and hopefully longer.
They are offering a guarantee of 35-40 hours.
Paid vacation, holidays, and sick days. The family would like to do initial face time interviews with the nanny, followed by in-person interview and 3-5 days trial.

Location: Denver (DU area)
Start Date: start ASAP but no later than end of October
   Entrepreneur’s, outdoorsy and active parents are searching for an infant experienced, sweet, creative, professional, responsible nanny to become a part of their family.
   They have a son, who is 3 years old, that goes to preschool from 9am-3:00pm Monday-Friday and their little girl is 5 months old. They are in need of a nanny Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30am-5:30pm or Mon, Tues, Wed, from 7:30am-5:30pm. If a nanny is looking for 35 hours they could accommodate that as well by adding a date night on the one day off from 3-8:30pm. The family is also very felxible on the days and hours for the right nanny.
   They would like a nanny that is flexible to also help out with household duties. The nanny will need to get their son ready for preschool and take and pick him from preschool every day along with helping mom out with any household things that need to be done and switching off with infant care. A nanny that is comfortable caring for a toddler and infant at the same time is a must as well. There may be days when their son does not have school and then the nanny may have both children.
     They are looking for a nanny that is more on the holistic side when it comes to illness and that can help cook baby food once the baby starts on solids, and prepare after-school snacks for their son. A nanny that has at least 2 years of professional infant experience is ideal but not a must, as well as someone who is respectful of space as mom works from a home studio as an artist.  mom is very easy going, friendly and has got along amazing with their current nanny who has to leave because she is moving.
  The nanny must be Covid vaccinated and be Covid cautious.
   They adored their last nanny who was very helpful, sweet, calm and would go with the flow. She cared for their son like her own, was overly cautious, and great at communicating.
   A nanny that knows about activities happening around town would be ideal as once the baby is older, they would love the nanny to go to activities around town. You should also have a creative spirit for their toddler as you'll be with him after school and he loves to be outside and find adventures.
   A nanny that is comfortable with dogs is a must as they have a medium-sized fur baby that is part of their growing family.
This generous family is offering guaranteed hours with paid holidays. They will pay a nanny based on her professional infant care experience. They do require the nanny to be up to date on her infant CPR and have a clean driving record. If you meet all of these requirements then please apply for this job and contact Jennifer at Superior Nannies.
  This family is a true gem to nanny for.

Location: Denver (Sunnyside neighborhood)
Start date: Jan. 3rd
First time parents are looking for a nanny to provide a nanny share to 2 sweet 6-month-old boys. They need a nanny Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-5pm with the possibility to work some hours on Friday or date night if a nanny needs 40 hours.
  These parents are looking for a nanny that has multiples-experience, has at least 2 years of infant experience, is infant CPR certified, is kind, responsible and who is up to date on all their vaccines. They would love a nanny who is passionate about learning and creativity, incorporating books, music and art into the boys’ daily routines. Ideally, this nanny loves nature, as they would like the nanny to take the babies on walks, to play in the yard, and to parks once they are older. They are also looking for a nanny who applies a gentle parenting style with healthy structure and boundaries (without cry-it-outs, etc.). Nanny must also be comfortable with dogs. A nanny who has experience working with a nanny share in the past is a good fit for these families, but this is not mandatory.
    These moms are friends and had their babies the same month. They have a vision for how their nanny share will work but encourage ideas from the nanny. Both families are highly collaborative and hope for a team approach with open communication. They would love guidance from someone who has done this in the past. The nanny will be providing care at one home only. The families will have a great set-up for the nanny and the babies on the main floor with the kitchen, nursery and living area. They will have everything set up for both babies to be comfortable. The home has fully-fenced front and back yards. The parents at the home where the childcare will be provided will be working from home on occasion, therefore a nanny that is comfortable with this is a must.
    These families are sweet, easy-going and fun to work for.
They are offering benefits such as paid vacation, guaranteed hours, and sick days.
They are ideally looking for a 6-month contract but are open to a year contract if that is what the nanny wants. If it is a really good fit they could see themselves having a nanny long term.
Please fill out the nanny application if you feel you would be a good nanny for these families.

$22-$25+/hr. Proactive, Toddler Twins experienced nanny needed Location:
North Boulder Start Date
Jan. 3rd
    A confident, mature, proactive, twins-experienced nanny is needed full time to help this very busy household. This family consists of 5 boys ages 14, 10 and 7 years old and twins that are 18 months old.
    Dad is in the National Guard and mom works full time from a home office.
They are looking for a professional nanny that will mainly care for the twin boys and do dishes, laundry, light clean up and meal prep when time permits.
The family has a second nanny already who is part time. The two nannies together will cover 7 days a week. They need a nanny for 40 hours a week. The nanny can work 4- 10 hour days but they are also open to ideas to split up the hours.
  They would love a nanny who is open to helping out with the older children as needed. A nanny that would best fit this family is one who is NOT a push over. They need a nanny that can keep structure and re direct, while keeping the boundaries.
    The family sees the relationship as a team between the parents and the nanny in caring for all of the children.
The household is also home to a snake, 2 dogs and 3 frogs.
  This family is looking to pay a nanny $25-$30 per hour based on the nanny’s experience.
 They would love a nanny that would be willing to travel with them on occasion, mainly to the mountains for skiing and a trip to a lake in the summer. This is not a must but an added bonus if the nanny is willing.
  They are offering paid holidays, paid vacation and sick day. They also have a minivan, which may be used by the nanny to transport the kids.
Nanny must be CPR certified or willing to get before starting and must have her Covid vaccine. Nanny must have a good driving record as well.

                                PART-TIME NANNY JOBS


Start Date: ASAP
Location: North boulder (near left hand Canyon and 36)
  Thoughtful, engaged parents are looking for a proactive, organized, punctual, nanny that will engage with their infant, help her learn and grow and work on her developmental milestones. A nanny that can keep track of her daily schedule and help her learn new things is a must for this family. They like to let their 10-month-old daughter explore things on her own but be there to engage with her while exploring and keep her safe. They are not helicopter parents. They also don't like to use the word no but instead redirect their daughter unless she is in danger.
   They need a nanny Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7:45am-4:45am. They also need a nanny Mondays and Fridays for 3-4 hours a day and can be somewhat flexible on those hours. They can guarantee a nanny 30-35 hours a week.
  They would like to find a nanny that is supportive, very organized and that pays attention to detail. A nanny that can put away the child's things at the end of the day is important. A nanny that is active, loves the outdoors and getting outside daily is a must. Also a nanny that is good at keeping track of the baby’s day via an app is important for this family.
   Covid vaccination is a must. A nanny that likes dogs is also a must as they have a very friendly dog that loves to go on walks.
This family is offering benefits that can be discussed during the interview with the nanny. They will pay the nanny based on her professional childcare experience and would like a nanny to start as soon as possible.

                                 HOUSEHOLD MANAGER JOBS


House Manager / Personal Assistant Needed
Start Date: ASAP
Location: North Boulder/Longmont area
Busy family is looking for an experienced (5+ years) House Manager / Personal Assistant to be the right hand to them.
If a candidate has no experience, must be a self-starting go-getter.
This person must be capable of wearing many hats, be discrete and have a “can do” attitude.
In addition to enjoying children and helping people, the ideal candidate must possess a drive to handle all projects with tact and precision, be resourceful, creative, and reliable.
? Manage, maintain and create schedules for the family, including sending text reminders.
? Identify, coordinate, communicate and direct household vendors, contractors, nannies, etc....
? Proactively ensure home maintenance, repairs, organization and cleaning are handled.
? Help with paperwork for various household matters and maintain spreadsheets.
? Assist family with various creative, ad-hoc projects.
? Internet research
? Run errands as needed
? Ensure vehicle maintenance is taken care of, including putting fuel in cars as needed.
? Party and holiday decoration / cleanup, including working some dinner parties on evenings and weekends.
? Create and oversee travel plans, help with packing / unpacking, and passport renewals. Possible travel with family.
? Possible homeschooling support, help find teachers, gather materials etc.
? Demonstrate a high degree of integrity, loyalty and security measures regarding all confidential matters
? Must be extremely detail oriented and highly organized, and simultaneously see the big picture.
? Excellent written and oral communication skills
? Proficient in Apple/Mac, PC (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), calendaring
? Ability to work under pressure
? Have a flexible schedule and comfortable handling last- minute requests. Depending on the day, may need to work 5-8 hours and occasional evenings and weekends.
? People who are/were event producers would be good at this job!
Must take the Parenting Safe Children course offered and paid for by employer
  Job Type: Full-time
? Salary: $60,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year
? Work hours are typically Monday through Friday, 9 – 4:00, flexible Experience and Qualifications:
? Management: 5 years (Preferred)
? Personal assistant: 5 years (Preferred)
French speaker

                                  Temporary Nanny Jobs


Location: Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and surrounding areas

    Superior Nannies needs on call and temporary nannies. You do not have to be available all the time. Jennifer at Superior Nannies will contact you when on call nanny jobs come in and you get to decide if you would like to take the job or not. Superior Nannies finds you the babysitting jobs and then the family pays you directly.


-Have at least 2 years of childcare experience outside of your family after being 18 years old.

-Be Able to provide your own insured, reliable vehicle to take to and from the job each day

-Able to prove a valid driver’s license CPR and or First aide certified or willing to get certified.

-Able to provide SUPERIOR NANNIES with the names and numbers of at least two childcare references that are not related to you.

-Eligible to work in the United States.

-Willing to provide a clean criminal background check. Call Jennifer for more details.



 Please contact us if you are interested in being a nanny through Superior Nannies LLC.


  PHONE 303.725.5440