We offer permanent live-out nannies, part-time nannies, live in nannies, temporary nannies, Household Managers/Nannies, night nurse, and babysitting as well as overnight care.

• A full time live-out nanny is a childcare provider that works more than 29 hours a week.  They are responsible for caring for the children in your home and doing light household duties.


• A part time live-out nanny is a childcare provider who works less than 29 hours a week. They are responsible for caring for the children in your home and doing light household duties.

• A household manager is a nanny who cares for the children as well as does household duties, runs errands, and manages household appointments, etc.  Household managers are usually paid more but also take on more responsibilities. 

A temporary nanny is a nanny who will come to care for your children when your other nanny is out of town or sick.  You also might just need some help for a date night or if you're visiting from out of town?


Our placement fees are very affordable for the Boulder, Denver area and are as follow:

   Permanent  full time  live- out nanny and /or household manager placement fee   - $2000

   Permanent part time live-out nanny placement fee  -   $1700

Note:  Part time placements usually  do take a longer time to find.

·     Live in Nanny placement fee- $2300

*   Summer nanny placement fee (June-August)  for any amount of hours-$1000

*     Registration fee    $200.00 



  ~Hotel babysitting:  $30

  ~On call day or night babysitting: $23 (with out  annual registration fee)

  ~Les than 24 hours notice: $28

~  Holidays  $30

 ~ Over night care is $70 for a 24 hour period.

~  Wedding event with 4 children or more  $150 for the event.  Each nanny gets paid her hourly rate.

  ~Clients who have paid the $200 annual  registration fee: $20  per day or night  This works good for families needing a temporary nanny.


If you are not happy with your nanny we will REPLACE your nanny with in 3 months.

After the initial 3 months we will issue a prorated credit toward the placement of a new nanny that is good for 1 year from hire date.

For summer nannies there is no guarantee for the replacement of your nanny.

A $200 nonrefundable registration fee is required to start your  permanent nanny search.


The placement fee is due  on the date the client verbally offers the position to the nanny and nanny verbally accepts.  Placement Fees are payable by check, cash, or credit cards or Venmo.

  PHONE 303.725.5440